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April 23, 2008


I have a confession: I have no idea where any of my jewelry are. Seriously I had most of them in my jewelry box but between loaning pearls and bracelets to friends and taking them off after a long night out, I have no idea where most of my trinkets are. I am not talking about my valuable jewelry here because I would be crazy to misplace those. Most of my valuable pearls, diamonds and gifts from dad have been confiscated by my mother and locked up in a place that’s harder to break into than Fort Knox.
I love jewelry especially jewelry with stories behind them so it’s no wonder I fell in love when I discovered SURevolution, a brand that helps small businesses set up sustainable economies by bringing urbanites who don’t travel as much as they would love to (you willl soon) handmade goods from places like Africa, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and India.
Each piece of jewelry is made using natural elements and resources from the region the piece originated from. They basically bring the world market to your finger tips. Imagine shopping for Mestizo horn rings, African wooden bangles, plantain and copper bags, crocodile clutches and earrings and bracelets made of leaves dipped in 24K gold and sterling silver. Living the lux life has never been so good.

The Guilte Group had a sale this morning on the Leaves Collection from SUREvolution. I couldn’t help purchase a thing or two. Feast your eyes on some of the decadent gold and silver pieces that will be so hot for spring and summer. I purchased the earrings and cuff Tropical Andean leaf hand dipped in 24K gold (first two pieces in this post).

Join the SURevolution and help promote sustainable development and look chic doing it.




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