Pôme: Haute Parisian Designer

Lovers of luxury assemble because there’s a new kid on the block. Pôme, the latest label to hit Paris is captivating fashion critiques and Parisian fashionistas. The young fashion label’s philosophy is to make clothes for the woman who appreciates luxury. This is evident is every piece in the spring and summer collections. Frilly frocks are carefully hand stitched with great attention to zig-zag piping, hand-sewn buttons and color blocking. The spring collection includes a myriad of luxurious fabrics like jacquard and silk. The label appeals to the younger set but the older ladies are still lusting after the label because the Pôme look is classic and timeless.

My favorite collection is from the fall 07. The designer uses salmon silk, organza and taffeta to make sexy high waisted origami skirts, yoke collared shirts and black cocktail dresses. Pôme is available only in Paris and Japan but I am sure you can contact the designer to purchase some of the pieces in the collection. You heard it here first, this label will be the next big thing once it starts targeting U.S. glamazons. For now, we can only order through the label’s website or go to Paris and Japan. Can you say FREQUENT FLYER MILES?