Greenify Your Space

April 6, 2008


Join the green movement and help keep our planet clean. As Captain Planet would say, “the power is yours.” As a consumer, you have the buying power to make decisions that will be beneficial to you, your family, your community and the world. Helping the planet is not hard. Simply switching the light bulbs in your house to Lumiram Ecolume full-spectrum compact, $19.95 makes a big difference.

The green movement is changing the way we do business. The demand for green products has increased ten fold and various industries are taking note. Department stores and online retail vendors have begun selling everyday products that are organic and environmentally friendly. I went to Macy’s and found an array of bedroom linens, towels and even clothes that are made from environmentally sustainable materials. We still have a long way to go to ensure that all the products we use are environmentally friendly. Until then, here are a couple of products you can incorporate into your green living space.

1. Soft and luxurious sheets and towels from Macy’s Haven by Hotel Collection are made from 100% organic cotton. 2. & 3. 100% certified-organic cotton towels from the Company Store are naturally soft, plush and highly absorbent.

4. Check out Loop Organic’s signature line of 250 thread-count organic cotton sateen sheets for a pretty sheen. The sustainable hemp accent pillow is filled with kapok, a fiber harvested sustainably from the pods of a tropical tree. 5. Anna Sova’s eco-silk linens are prewashed with organic nut soap instead of harmful formaldehyde and come in romantic shades of champagne, marigold and espresso. 6. Veritas is dazzling the bedding industry with its gorgeous eco-linens. These decorative pillows stand out for their beautiful embroidered or printed patterns.




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