Foot Notes: Emilio Pucci Sandals

I love high heels more than life itself and being in this damn cast is like a life sentence. I went on an interview last week and wore one heel because me without heels is like breathing with no air. Despite the fact that I probably looked ridiculous hobbling around in heels and crutches, I felt great. Shhh…don’t tell my doctor.

Heels will forever be in but flats are so in this season that Heidi Klum could not bid auf wiedersehen to them even if she tried. All the boutiques and department stores have stocked up on flats for the season. Crutch wearers and flat lovers are in luck. Designers this season created beautiful flats in vibrant colors, metallics and prints for the spring and summer. Gone are the days of grandma flats. I am loving these delicate Emilio Pucci sandals available at Piperlime. Pair this with white shorts and a tank or button down shirt, a patio dress or skirt and top. Just make sure you have a nice pedi ladies. You cannot be walking around with cute shoes like this and busted hammer toes. No ma’am.