Weekend Essentials

March 10, 2008

I spent the weekend with two of my girlfriends running around the city with these amazing guys we met a couple of weeks ago. In the midst of all the fun adventures, I did not go home once to pick up any essentials. This weekend was sort of an impromptu so clothing-wise, I had to really be creative. On Friday, I was able to borrow a June Cleaver-esque dress from Brit for our night at Paolos. I borrowed another dress from her on Saturday and then we had a sleepover at my friend Kara’s. Sunday Brit and I had to basically go shopping in Kara’s closet, which was so organized and just adorable. I spent the night at Brit’s Sunday so I had to find a work appropriate outfit for Monday (a Ann Taylor dress in a size 2), I swear I am going home tonight. Photobucket

I could have saved myself the trouble of finding clothes that would fit me or matching shoes had I packed ahead of time. This weekend is definitely a lesson learned weekend. So here are a couple of essentials for a weekend away from home with friends.

The first thing you will need is a weekender bag. I have a Diane Von Furstenberg weekender I purchased from Marshalls last year that I cannot part with. I love her signature fun prints.

PhotobucketFor a night out on the town with the girls, you will need two dresses; the first dress should be a black dress that can travel well. I am not talking about a frumpy black dress; a lot of designers are making really cute dresses that travel well. Check out BCBG, Boston Proper or even Newport News for some ideas. The second dress should be something a little flashy for going dancing or to an event. Pack some jeans and a v-neck sweater for sunday brunch. You can also wear a cotton dress for brunch if you prefer dresses.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to pack at least four undies and a bra. Instead of packing different bras for different outfits, opt for the Victoria’s Secret 100 ways Convertible bra. Pack panty hose that match your skin tone. One more thing, SPANX, even if you are a size -2, you still need to wear it.
Spanx makes any outfit hang better on the body and also creates smoother lines. P.S. If you are in Junior League, you get a discount on them, sometimes up to 50 percent off.

Toothbrush is essential for a weekend away from home. A simple solution is to always carry a toothbrush with you in your bag. Why should you carry a toothbrush at all times? You should carry a toothbrush because you want fresh breath after that ginormous greek salad filled with onions, feta cheese and olives you just scruffed down at lunch. You don’t really need pajamas because your friends will always have extra shorts and tshirts to lounge in. Although Brit says I should just sleep in my clothes. Uhm NO!

PhotobucketThe hardest decision for me is deciding which shoes to pack for a three day weekend. Last night I paired a cotton dress with cowboy boots and a sweater. For a weekend you need just three pairs of shoes, two if you pick outfits in the same color scheme. One shoe should be pumps or black sling backs. I love Stuart Weitzman and BCBG pumps. I usually go for my Manolo Blahnik Campari mary janes. The next shoe in your weekend arsenal is a ballet flat or flip flops for brunch unless you are a fierce mama that rocks the heels 24/7. I love Sam Edelman flats, which come in a myriad of colors and designs. I have a couple of girlfriends who are die hard Tory Burch fans. She makes some of the most adorable flats. My friend Katelynn has one in leopard print. I got some red Lanvin ballet flats at Off 5th Avenue, the Saks outlet in Potomac Mills two weeks ago for only $150. The flats were originally $700. If you pack another pair of shoes, go for a strappy heel. I love Jimmy Choo or Gucci heels for a little flash at night.

PhotobucketAs for jewelry and handbags, just pack some diamond studs, a silver necklace, a fun cocktail ring and clutch. You can also go for a matching pearl necklace and studs or a funky crystal necklace from Lalique. Hopefully, you will already be carrying hobo bag or a big bag from Friday. I found a couple of really cute bags that convert from bags to clutches in one simple fold. Check out L.A.M.B or BCBG for these space saver bags. Pack a pair of sunglasses that fit your face, don’t go for fashion trends that don’t flatter. For me, Jackie O sunglasses fit my face to a T. I love these Tom Ford frames.

As for makeup, all you need are: foundation, blush, concealer, eyebrow pencil, eye liner pencil, quad eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye lash curler, mascara and a tweezers. Remember to also pack a couple of brushes for makeup application.

The last thing to pack is your ID and some cash. We were at Buffalo Billiards and I didn’t know where my ID was; turns out it was in Brit’s bag the entire time. Yup, Miss Prepared. That’s a wrap.

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