Take a Walk on the Wild Side with American Spirit

Three things I can never say no to at a bar are: whiskey with a side of rocks, a Vesper martini and a hot man. My go to whiskey is usually Johnny Walker black. This past weekend, a friend of mine turned me on to Austin Nichols Wild Turkey American Spirit. American Spirit is a 15 year old Bourbon that puts the wild in Wild Turkey. This ‘Straight Whiskey’ is 100 proof. American Spirit is smooth with just a hint of spice. Ladies, take a walk on the wild side and sip on this intensely smooth whiskey. The downside is that American Spirit is designated as a Bonded whisky that is made in small quantities; there are only 24,000 bottles available around the world.

What is special about American Spirit?
1. Uniquely shaped bottle to have all art/copy screened and incorporate gold leaf appliqué

2. Stopper will be 100% wood with Wild Turkey “seal” embossed in top and S1 level cork

3. In keeping with past limited edition products and to add additional premium cues a commemorative “coin” will be affixed to bottle

4. Bottle will feature a “strip stamp” replicating the authentic bottled in bond stamps used by the US Government

You can purchase American Spirit at Southern Wine for $125. Not a whiskey drinker? You should try it and enjoy it or give it as a special gift to that man in your life. Don’t wait until National Bourbon Month in September to open a bottle of this classic.