So Sneaky

March 11, 2008


I live my life in heels and wedges but there are times when my calves need a break. Thanks to wearing 3 inch and over heels every day, my calves have developed nicely. Who needs calf raises when you can strut in heels and get the same effect? There are times when I need a break from towering over my competition and sink back down to earth to my 5’4″ feet status. I am going shopping this weekend for some sneakers but I have no idea what to get. Besides my Nike Shox, New Balance 501 and Nike soccer cleats, I have nothing cute and stylish to pair with my jeans on days I want to walk around in flats. I found a couple of sneakers that look pretty cute so I am going to hop over to Puma, Adidas, Foot Locker and Chanel to see if I can get some cute sneakers to wear. I am not sure whether to get high tops or low tops but I guess it will all come down to which ones fit my personality the most. Here are a couple of sneaks I am loving right now. The PUMA Speed Cat, $75, in black is sporty and stylish. I know it will probably match a lot of my leisure wear. I also like the Speed Princess , $100, in the black and white.
Pink is one of my favorite colors so I am not surprised that I was drawn to this Adidas Cosmos 07 sneaks, $70. I love the pink and silver combo and those spikes on the bottom scream RUNNER! I like the Venus in liquid blue as well but not sure if I can commit to a blue for a couple of months.CHANEL, need I say more?




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