Maidenform Breakthrough Backless Bra

I love backless dresses and deep low cut dresses for the summer. What I hate is going braless, wearing boob tape or bras that promise to stay up and don’t do the job. Starting in May, my backless dress woes will be over. For the first time ever, Maidenform will be unveiling its first ever Backless Bra. Crafted with silicone on the wire to prevent slipping, the backless bra straps stay put all day and all night for hours of dancing and merriment. I don’t know about you but having the security of straps is very comforting, especially for those with a little bit more up top.

The Breakthrough Backless Bra is the product of the ABC reality show American Inventor. I guess for once, reality television has its ups. I for one cannot wait for this bra. I am putting my name on the waitlist. At just $25, I am getting myself two pairs. Pre-order now.