Jeepers Peepers Swan Arm Sunglasses

Jackie O inspired sunglasses are a must for spring. On my quest to find a good pair of sunglasses, I was hit with a dilemma. The problem: To splurge or to Scrimp? I go through sunglasses like water and I definitely hate losing $600 Chanel sunglasses. So, instead of splurging for a pair of Gucci sunglasses, I decided to get these Jeepers Peepers Swan Arm sunglasses instead.

The shades are perfect for spring. Thin gold swan grace the arms of these delish sunglasses. These shades are an upgrade of the Jackie O inpsired frames of yester-year. The best part about getting them, not breaking the bank. It’s a steal at just $35. SCORE.


  1. these are really nice swan arm sunglasses. Nicole Richie wore a pair that looks exactly like them but i’m guessing hers are vintage or an expensive designer style. Either way, Jackie O style sunglasses are classic and so glamourous. You have a great blog too ;D

  2. Anonymous says:

    where can i bought them?

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