The one thing I have mastered is how to create a cute bun that can transition from day to night; however, there are times that I just want t put my hair up in a ponytail and call it a day. Ponytails can be boring and there is so much you can do to change the look of a pony. One thing I usually do is to wrap a few pieces of my hair around the ponytail or wrap my pony with a cute ponytail holder. Sometimes all the ponytail techniques in the world still leave me wanting something fresh. Enter the headband. Headbands are versatile and can update a pony or even a messy updo. I love headbands because they keep my hair out of my face and they come in so many different colors, patterns and shapes that the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of my favorites.

J. Crew Wide Leopard Headband, $20; L. Erickson Wrap Skinny Double Headband, $38, Cara Accessories Patent Leather Headband, $68

Tiny Bow Headband, $3.80, Tasha Satin Rosette Head Wrap , $68


  1. I just love these headband looks! I found an awesome site, http://www.andreasbeau.com, which has a huge assortment of unusual headbands as well as other hair ornaments which are well made, comfortable, and most important, totally beautiful!

  2. Christine says:

    Any ideas how the models get their hair to do that …pouf on the back? I love that smooth sleek look with the headband, but have very fine hair (lots of it, but you can't tell). I've tried searching the internet, but I don't even know what the style is called….

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