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March 27, 2008


For the past couple of days I have been in such a slump. I had surgery on Tuesday on my broken fibula so I have been glued to the couch all week long with nothing to do but work and write on my blog. My doctor instructed me not to get this damn plaster cast wet or else. All I have been doing is taking sponge baths. I took the day off today to work from home and with all the time on my hands, I rearranged my bathroom so that I can take a nice comforting bath.

Around December, I discovered a wonderful new bath and body product line called Bonghi Natura, a line of homemade soaps, scrubs, lip balms and lotions that I couldn’t get enough of. Let’s just say that for Christmas and housewarming parties, all my girls received gift bags with Bonghi Natura products. The luscious smelling products felt so amazing on my body, especially the mint eucalyptus body scrub.

So to get myself out of my slump, I moved my Bose speakers and IPOD into the bathroom, ran a warm bath and gently slumped into the tub with my bad leg hanging on the edge for dear life. Instead of going for my regular Dove soap, I opted for the Bonghi Natura soap bar, Fiore, a luscious blend of Rose Palmarosa & Lavender Sapone. It was love at first whiff. The fragrant rose and lavender combination was exactly what the doctor ordered. I lathered up my sponge and was immediately transported to a rose and lavender field under a sunny Tuscan sun. I rarely get to experience luxurious baths because of my daily rush routine in the morning. I stayed in the tub for a while with a facial mask and a book. After about 20 minutes of relaxation, I went the extra step of exfoliating my lips, and why not? I was going for the entire beauty routine.

Instead of brushing my lips with my toothbrush like I normally do, I used the Bonghi Natura cinnamon and brown sugar exfoliating lip scrub to slough off the dry skin on my lips. The product smelled so good and was non-abrasive on my lips. After a minute of gently rubbing the scrub on my lips, I washed it off and my lips felt so smooth. I completed my routine by dabbing the lip balm that came with the scrub. I felt so rejuvenated after my bath. The fragrance of rose and lavender bath soap still lingers on my body about four hours after my bath. It was definitely time well spent.

Bonghi Natura is all natural and is made in Alexandria, Virginia. Nothing but all natural ingredients go into their products and best of all, the products are very affordable. Try a few of their products and you will be hooked. A couple of my friends can’t get enough of the soaps. My friend Jane has the soap I gave her for Christmas in her guest bathroom. For more information about Bonghi Natura and to order, visit the site Bonghi Natura.

  1. Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. says:

    That lip scrub looks great!

  2. Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. says:

    That lip scrub looks great!

  3. Bonghi Nautra says:

    Thanks for the feature!

  4. Bonghi Vestiti says:

    This soap is awesome!! I highly recommend it 🙂



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