Take it Higher with a High-Waisted Skirt

February 13, 2008


I woke up this morning feeling like crap and despite the freezing rain and the bitter biting cold weather, I decided to go for the ‘hot for teacher’ look. I dove into the deepest darkest part of my wardrobe, an uncharted territory of spring and summer dresses that have not seen the light of day in almost a year, to pull out my high-waisted and belted chocolate BCBG skirt. You can say I was feeling a little whimsy after finding the skirt. I paired the chocolate skirt with a cream J. Crew long sleeved cotton crew neck, brown tights, brown and cream Manolos, some pearls and a bracelet. Before heading out to the car, I put on my mukluks to keep my gams warm until I got to the office.


All the ladies in the office were so inspired by the look. One woman exclaimed, “You know I have a skirt like that in my closet but if I ever wore it at my age, I would look like a kangaroo with a pouch.” And with that comment I cracked a smile but deep down, I knew that she was just not thinking outside the box. I proceeded to give her a couple of tips on pairing the right accessories with this skirt.

All you need is one piece and you can build an outfit from it. I must say, the outfit was SMOKING! So in honor of my banging look of the day, I have put together a look that can work for any shape.

For women with hips, go for an A-line high waisted skirt, preferably belted. The A-line is the curvy woman’s best friend. Slim women should opt for a high waisted pencil skirt. WARNING: Do not get a pencil skirt that is so tight that you can see you thong lines. That is a definate no-no. Then follow the guidelines of the pieces pictured above and VIOLA! you’ve got a great outfit you can take from a business meeting to happy hour, to a tuesday evening dance session at Tattoo Bar.




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