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February 21, 2008


The weekend is almost here but I am already missing my friends. The one’s that always want their pictures taken not by some magazine photog but by me. I guess I feel special for them asking but sometimes it gets tedious. I haven’t really gotten the change to go out to shoot any pics and I miss it dearly. I stood outside with my camcorder and my Canon DSLR camera to take shots of the Lunar Eclipse. Five hours and 10 frozen fingers later, I had gotten some amazing shots. Too bad my telephoto lenses are in storage right now.

Here are some of my favorite portraits and pictures I have taken of friends and adventures I have had living EVERYWHERE. I hope you enjoy look at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I snapped this photo after an assignment May 2007. It was a rainy morning and I was in charge of covering the Bike to Work Day event. On my walk back to the office, I saw this beautiful rose in full bloom. I am sure I would have been arrested if I picked it; so I did the next best thing, capture it forever on my camera.

I took this photo in the summer on a walk from Georgetown back to Rossyln during a breezy summer sunset. This photo is remeniscent of calm period between shoppers leaving Georgetown and partiers entering it.

My favorite foreign exchange student Alberto. This guy was from Spain but had never been to a sushi restaurant so we took him there. He was so confused by chopsticks so I snapped this pic.

I took this picture of my college roommate on her birthday. She was having such a tough day so I did her make-up and took a photo of her and one of the flowers the girls from the dorm bought for her.

My last night at UNC when my roommate and some of the other girls took me to a hibachi restaurant to relive memories of the two years I spent in North Carolina.

I took this picture on the same day as the one I took of Georgetown. It got so dark out and I didn’t have the right flash for this photo. It actually got a little chilly and I remember running to Jason’s apartment because I was in a tank top and a skirt. I was freezing my butt off.

My old roommate Josh. I took this picture one saturday night before we went out to meet friends. We were making martinis and trying to create cocktails from Absinthe…yea!

Ian took this picture of me on a hike. He dared me to walk onto the broken tree branch, which I did. No hands….no hands..

I took this picture of Ian after we finished carving our names in a tree during our hike. I remember him joking about how we were going to get caught for defacing national property. I especially love the expression on his face and the reflection of him on the car.

I took this picture of Fenty giving his speech about Biking to work and saving the environment. He was so lively. I remember we had to wait for him and his entourage because they were biking from his house to the venue. Talk about environmentally conscious.




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