How To Easily Update Your Beauty Routine Using the Target Beauty Box

Compensation was provided by Target via Mode   When it comes to simplifying your beauty routine, a simple tweak or new product addition can do wonders for how efficient and effortless your makeup can look.  With [...]

Pangea Organics Oil to Blemish Prone Skin Set

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to take my skincare game to the next level.  For some reason my skin started acting really wonky towards the end of the year with some massive breakouts that [...]

TOMA Skin Therapies Launches in DC

With fall about a month away, it’s time to take another look at your skin care routine for the colder months ahead.  The air tends to get dryer, meaning your skin care products needs to be [...]

Why You Should Be Using Body Oils

As a lotion aficionado, I’ve moisturized my skin with a myriad of lotions, some I’ve bought repeatedly and others I’ve ended up tossing after first sniff.  But as a beauty junky, there are times when the [...]

la prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection

As a now 30-year-old, taking care of my skin is my number one priority.  In my 20s I used anti-aging products as a preventative method against wrinkles.  Now that my hard work seems to be paying [...]

How To Achieve The Perfect Self Tan At Home

As winter creeps in and we bid adieu to the sun, there’s no need to wave goodbye to that sun kissed radiance too. We’ve spoken to the tanning experts at Kissed by Mii and they’ve shared [...]

Dove® Clear Tone™ Pink Rosa Deodorant Two Week Challenge

I’ve been a Dove® deodorant user for over three years now and can happily say that I am extremely content with how well the formula keeps my underarms sweat-free and odor free.  Yea I went there. Dove® [...]

Eating for Healthier, Clearer Skin + Eucerin Giveaway

Topical skin care products have been hailed for their potent abilities to prevent, cure and enhance a plethora of skin disorders. From acne to eczema and wrinkles to under eye circles, there is a specific products [...]

The Diane Kruger Chanel Beauty Campaign in All Its Perfect Glory

Diane Kruger's Chanel Beauty campaign was all we expected and then some. The German beauty can do no wrong on or off the red carpet and is rarely seen looking fresh faced. The image [...]

Beauty Insight on A Glamazon from My Friend Lisa Bensley

Dial wanted me to interview one of my friends about myself so I went to Lisa Bensley of Beauty by Benz, one of my favorite beauty bloggers and friends. Lisa and I bonded big time over [...]