Third Year’s A Charm: Olivia Palermo For New Carrera Y Carrera Jewelry

Olivia Palermo is known as one of the cast members of The Hills spin off show, The City. Now she is one of the most stylish celebrities. This will be the third year in a row that  Olivia Palermo debuts the Carrera y Carrera collection, Tesoros del Imperio. The beauty models the jewels inspired by the regal Spanish Empire with such grace and elegance.

Check out the campaign photos and how Olivia feels about the collection along with what inspires her.

Olivia on the Tesoros Del Imperio Colleciton:
Olivia on her inspiration:
Olivia on Spanish Fashion:
Olivia on her style:
Olivia on her beauty secrets:
Olivia on her favorite music:
Olivia on her favorite wardrobe item:

"I think this collection from Carrera y Carrera is absolutely beautiful. I found out what the inspiration was a year ago, and now that I see the final product, I’m very pleased. You can see and feel the inspiration on the Spanish Golden Age in every piece. It’s a very extensive collection where you can find pieces for daily use but also evening ones. Both the rings and the earrings this season are very wearable."

"My style inspiration changes all the time, but mostly it comes from stylish girls all around the world that enjoy fashion, whether they’re in fashion or not. And of course from my travels, whether it’s architecture, art, movies, so forth."

"I think the fashion is growing in Spain. Constantly I see all the girls that come onto the webpage, Spain is definitely up there on our top list of countries that visit us."

"I try to dress for myself. I always have a bit of a polished element to everything I wear and incorporate accessories because I think that’s the most important when you’re getting dressed – it gives you a personal touch."

"There are a few beauty tips I have; I think that they start from my grandmother and mother, old school tips. I think Vaseline. A lot of people go with makeup remover to remove eye makeup. I like to go with Vaseline route, very clean easy. Just take a washcloth or towel and clear it up. I tend to use my dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross for cleanser, Matis Paris makes really nice face serums, I think that serums tend to be a little bit nicer than creams they are less heave. And wear a sun hat, definitely wear a sun hat! Keep your face out of the sun; a little color is good, not too much."

"I have a playlist on Songza, it's a great application you can use on your Iphone or IPad. It's kind of an ecliptic group, it's like house music and RnB, a little bit of everything. I am a big old school, oldies fan."

"I absolutely love a gold watch that my mother previously owned. I wanted it since I was a very little girl and they day she finally gave it to me I felt so happy. It has a very special meaning for me."

Olivia on the Tesoros Del Imperio Colleciton: thumbnail
Olivia on her inspiration: thumbnail
Olivia on Spanish Fashion: thumbnail
Olivia on her style: thumbnail
Olivia on her beauty secrets: thumbnail
Olivia on her favorite music: thumbnail
Olivia on her favorite wardrobe item: thumbnail

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