Men's Style PARIS — 28 June 2013

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton sketched into stone another collection that was perfectly fit the the dapper gent. Kim Jones to create a collection catered to the far east – America. Vuitton took a road trip with its travel heritage. Slim suits, jackets, shorts, accessories, and blazers filled the Shaker barn runway during Paris Fashion Week. Creativity flourished throughout the show with beautiful prints and patterns that marked for a luxurious spring collection.

The show opened with a blue checked suits and scarves that lightly played on the American aesthetic. Checked jersey blazers paired with patterned shorts gave a nod to prepsters. Shorts with hoodie and windbreaker combinations were also checkered, continuing the onslaught of patterns seen at the Louis Vuitton show.

A kimono shirt looked masculine in a blue patterned print.  Crocodile skin blousons  in orange and brown broke up the sea of blue. Outerwear were covered in badges from extensive traveling with the Louis Vuitton name kissing the backs of coats. Hand tie-dyed patterns transformed bush jackets, shirts, shorts and pants into walking art. Fully reversible bombers gave function. As usual an army of leather bags filled the runway show with option after option. These caramel  colored rucksacks, weekenders, and cases are a staple for Louis Vuitton

Looks with an air of sophistication graced the runway in the form of elegant dinner coats,  suits and tuxedos with the finest details. It was the only flashy part of the show. The color palette of blue, white, lavender, and black allows a man options no matter the time of day.

The show closed with a statement.  A lace dinner jacket bearing the Louis Vuitton monogram shimmered due to tiny shards of mother of pearl woven into the fabric.  Its pieces like these that makes the Louis Vuitton show one of the most captivating shows to see in the fashion industry.


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Andrew Roby is an Event Planner for District Fete and has a fashion alter-ego. Birthed in an event planning career, fashion has always been his main drive. But not just any type of fashion; men's fashion is his strongest desire as he feels most men's wear designers are under dogs to women's wear. When not seeking out the latest shoes, bags or tailored coat, HGTV is his guilty pleasure. One way or the other style and design is incorporated into whatever he does.

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