Men's Style PARIS — 28 June 2013

Alexander WangAlexander Wang created a men’s collection that was heavy on creative outerwear with a touch of motorcycle gear inspiration. The minimalistic color palette drove simple lines, comfortable silhouettes and masculine tones for spring 2014.

Leather jackets, shorts, and windbreakers were the core elements of this collection. What made it rather interesting was the choice of fabrics used, jersey and terry cloth.

Being that temperatures fluctuate frequently in the spring, you need both fabrics, jersey for warm days and terry cloth for cool nights. The lines seen in the collection sparked attention. The grid and paneled prints where perforated leather overlaid. What was refreshing to see was the sleekness of the sweatpants in the collection. Knee length shorts were paired many of the pieces in the collection.

Texture stood out as well with honeycomb patterns breathing through jackets. The leather panel work on shirts and shorts give dimension. The knees of pants reflected a ribbed padding normally seen in sportswear. Muted leather bags were masculine with simplicity. Overall the collection was relaxed and cohesive giving men who love subtle drama alternatives for the upcoming spring season.

As a line that started out with just t-shirts this Alexander Wang collection is moving in the right direction to serve as a partner to the main collection created by Wang.


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Andrew Roby is an Event Planner for District Fete and has a fashion alter-ego. Birthed in an event planning career, fashion has always been his main drive. But not just any type of fashion; men's fashion is his strongest desire as he feels most men's wear designers are under dogs to women's wear. When not seeking out the latest shoes, bags or tailored coat, HGTV is his guilty pleasure. One way or the other style and design is incorporated into whatever he does.

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