BEAUTY CORNER MAKEUP — 26 January 2013


In one of commedian Chris Rock’s stand-up routines, he jokingly exclaimed, “Women be shopping! Women be shoping!” And the surprising fct is that women in fact do shop, for a lot of nail polish that is.  According to WWD, American women spent $768 million dollars on nail polish in 2012.  Yes you read it right. Looks like all the nail polish collections that come out to compliment trends seen on the runway is a hit among women. And why not? Sometimes we can only afford the nail polish from our favorite designers because their clothes are out of our price range. Ahem Tom Ford and Chanel!  WWD also analyzed some of the trends that are still big in 2013.

Sandy and matte finishes

At-home gel nail polish kits

Polishes that look like gel

Nail stickers are still a thing

So there, with that much spending power on just nail polish, we’d be scared to get the total on how much women spend on beauty products in general.  What recession?


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