Things We Love: How to Have Safe Fun in the Sun

June 12, 2013



My little brother Nana is out of school for the summer, which means finding the perfect activities to keep him occupied is key to a fun summer.  Today, I planned a play date with a few of his friends (parents did not sign consent to for them to appear online) in the neighborhood to get the party started. For starters, it’s important to practice safety in the sun so to get started, I made all the kids apply sunscreen all over using the Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion with SPF 15, a broad spectrum SPF that protects against damaging UVA/UVB rays.  This is important, especially for young children, who often spend countless hours in the sun during the summer.

I gathered our fun in the sun gear, which included a bright baseball cap to protect the scalp and shield the sun from the eyes while running around, sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection to protect the eyes, fun bubbles for the kids, an activity jar filled with little notes with activities the kids can participate in all summer long, my DSLR camera (iPhone or any phone camera works well too), jump rope, chalk, snacks and water.


The kids played with bubbles while I prepped our play area in the backyard.  They sat in our front yard and chatted about the end of school, their summer plans and Justin Bieber (no joke!). While the kids played with the bubbles, a jump rope and UNO cards, I was in the kitchen mixing ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies they would be eating after their activity time.  When I got back outside, they had already started playing tic-tact-toe and hopscotch.

It wouldn’t be the South without a cold iced tea to quench thirsts.  Nana came inside and helped me make iced tea and take it to the backyard with cups and ice for the kids.  Instead of brewing fresh iced tea, I used the Mio Sweet Tea flavor, a little goes a long way.   After three hours running around the backyard playing other games like Red Rover and Barnyard, the kids came inside for yummy, chewy chocolate chip cookies and water.  Each child left with their own hat, bottle of bubbles, sunglasses and Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion with SPF 15.


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