Double D: Dynamic Do-All Cream

May 22, 2013



First it was AA (anti-aging), then BB (beauty balm) and then CC (color corrector). The makeup world is going into alphabet overload. In case you still don’t like the way you look after applying your AA, BB and CC cream…DD (Dynamic Do-all) cream is apparently your newest miracle skin cream. Dynamic Do-all. Really?

Julep will be releasing their Dynamic Do-all cream in June and it’s pretty safe to say that soon every other makeup company will too. Just like its predecessors before it, this cream offers lightweight, buildable coverage with sun protection. The fine line that separates good old DD from the rest is that it has two (two!) anti-aging ingredients and that it improves skin over time.

Would you consider adding DD cream to your makeup bag? I honestly haven’t gotten into the alphabet beauty craze but I call dibs on naming EE cream: Epidermis Emender – boom.

Maybe I’ll start stocking up on all these creams until they come up with a ZZ cream and arrange them alphabetically on my shelf. It’ll be like an encyclopedia of skin cream!





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