Backstage Beauty Notes: Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 Hair

February 15, 2013

The Alice + Olivia Inspiration

M Alice + Olivia FW 2013 -41

“Believing there are no rules when it comes to personal style, Stacey Bendet’s Fall 2013 collection for Alice + Olivia is best defined as Fantasy Street Style. Envisioning a cool, clever, free spirit wandering the streets of Paris, Bendet has created a collection that allows for both sophistication and whimsy.

A tiered ball gown is layered with an après ski knit and topped off with a studded leather motorcycle jacket. Plaid is made pretty in miniskirts and shift dresses. In a modern setting interpretive of Natalie Barney’s Left Bank salon, Fall 2013 combines elements like quilted leather and knitted fur with romantic lace and brocade, into a collection of juxtapositions where street style becomes the ultimate form of self-expression. “In a moment when street style influences fashion more than ever, I wanted to create a fantasy inspiration for how the Alice + Olivia girl dresses every day.’ “ – Alice & Olivia

Antonio Corral Calero’s Look and Hair Inspiration

Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic Director, created free-spirited braided looks for the Alice + Olivia Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. Inspired by fantasy street style and a cool sense of personal individuality, the romantic looks featured unique braided effects that included sweeps of long, loose chignons accented by forward falling strands. The looks also highlighted plush, wide braids that encircled the head and softened by wisps. Antonio Corral Calero used Moroccanoil Treatment, new Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection, and Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse to create the whimsical designs.

How The Looks Were Created

Look 1:

Alice + Olivia fall 2013

“I started by preparing the hair with Moroccanoil Treatment to condition the hair and add a natural looking shine. I followed with a spray of new Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection to shield the hair from the blow dryer and to add hold.

“Next, I saturated the hair with Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, blow dried it straight lifting hair at the roots with my fingers to create a natural-looking texture that wouldn’t look too polished, and added hair extensions for models with finer hair.

“After making a center part, I pulled the hair back, let it sweep over the ears, and allowed any loose strands to fall forward. I gathered the hair at the nape of the neck, made two wide loose braids, and crossed them in opposite directions. I then brought them forward to meet at the top of the head, blended them and pinned to hold.

For a more natural street look, I loosened the braids, pulled out a few wisps, and released several more strands from the side of the hair to fall forward. I finished the style with a light mist of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.”

Look 2:

Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 2

“First, I applied Moroccanoil Treatment to the hair to condition and create healthy-looking shine, and then sprayed on new Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection to hold and protect strands.

“After saturating the hair with Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, I made a center part, and pulled back the hair, letting it arc over the ear, allowing any loose strands to fall free.

“I then gathered the hair mid-head, loosely braided wide lengths of hair, and wrapped the braid back into itself to create a long, loose triangular chignon.

“To complete, I pulled and separated the hair throughout the chignon with my fingers to widen it and give it a freer, more whimsical look. I finished the style with a light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.”

The Products

M Alice + Olivia FW 2013 -14

Moroccanoil® Treatment This remarkable, instantly‐absorbed argan‐oil infused formula is found in the kits of virtually every major celebrity, runway, and editorial stylist. Exclusively designed to give hair a natural‐looking silky, lustrous shine and a frizz‐ and static‐free finish, it strengthens, conditions and revitalizes hair while speeding drying time. (MSRP: $43.00 / 3.4 fl. oz.)

Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse is specially designed to build body and create natural lift and movement. Its weightless formula provides a flexible long-lasting hold and creates natural, voluminous styles. Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse plumps fine, limp hair for added fullness without any sticky residue or buildup. Hair is left healthy and touchable with a veil of shine. (MSRP: $28.00 / 8.5 fl. oz.)

Moroccanoil® Heat Styling Protection offers a new way to protect delicate strands from the stress and damage caused by the intense heat of hairdryers, curling and flat irons and hot rollers. The innovative formula creates a unique thermal protective veil that not only shields hair from breakage and split ends, but also provides a natural soft hold—for beautiful, healthy-looking styles that last all day.

Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil to restore elasticity, smoothness and manageability, Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection offers essential protection from the environment, including wind, sun and humidity. Additional conditioners and vitamins, including almond oil and Vitamins A and E, nourish, enhance softness and help regulate hair’s moisture balance in all climates. Powerful UV filters minimize the risk of hair color oxidation and fading, while a styling agent, Sodium Lanathe 40 maleate/Styrene Sulfonate Copolymer, ensures extreme heat protection. (MSRP: $28.00 / 8.5 fl. oz.)

Photos by Stephen Churchill Downes for Moroccanoil

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