Jovovich-Hawk Clothing Line at Target

So you didn’t get a change to go to any of the fashion weeks, TOUGH! At least you saved some money to buy lots of great stuff for spring. Snap once if you love bargains…shout halleluyah if you just can’t get enough of all the new celebrity clothing lines. I guess as a celebrity, the next realm to conquer after acting is clothing design. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller, Usher, P. Diddy, Sarah Jessica Parker…now Milla Jovovich. Yes ladies, the ass-kicking star of Resident Evil and Fifth Element is is coming out with a clothing line for Target. You can mix and match pieces in the collection to get a myriad of looks. The collections includes smock dresses, tunics, minis, all vintage-inspired, great prints. I love the three button vest and the frilly floral tops in the collection. You can purchase clothing from the line at Target starting tomorrow. Best of all, most of the peices are under $35. So stock up on the retro-romantic look with cowgirl inspired halter dresses in ethinc prints. If you are more of the Parisian girl, check out the tie waist culottes and chevron striped cotton top. Use the left over moolah for a good quality leather bag. “To be able to do it with a big company that can afford to do it for a good price so that real girls can afford it. That’s the reason we were interested,” says Milla. Affordable indeed…I am definately hitting up Target like a bandit this weekend for that chevron top. Cheers!