Aeropostale Launches ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Clothing Line

Besides “Who is A?” the  most popular question among fans of the ABC Family hit “Pretty Little Liars” has to be “Where can I get that outfit?”

Just in time for this weeks winter premiere, Aéropostale has teamed up with the show’s costume designer, Mandi Line, to launch an “PLL”-inspired clothing line priced between $18 and $72 with outfits inspired by each of the show’s main characters- Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria.

Aria fans will love the faux-leather jacket and polka dot combat boots, a mini dress for fans of Hanna’s sophisticated style, while Spencer fans will love the line’s plaid top and preppy blazer, a varsity jacket for those who love Emily’s sporty style, and even a hoodie inspired by the infamous A.

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