Here Comes The Bride: Gifts For The Bride


Ah! Summer only means one thing…wedding season. Sure you could get the bride something off her registry list, but you know one of her rich family members will get her that baking pan set (boring). A fun bridal tchotchke gift would be something she’ll remember forever.

Victoria’s Secret Bridal robe, $58

Bridezilla iPhone Case, $17

Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mug, $17

Wedding/Anniversary Autograph Frame, $29.99

Couturière Cuff, $280

Honeymoon Journal, $10

Customized Bridal Hanger, $30

Philosophy Here Comes The Bride bath set, $32

Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcases, $19.99

Mikasa Love Story Silver plated ring holder, $19.99

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  1. glamazondiaries

    Omg this is so cute! Love the customized hanger idea.

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