YouTube Guru Burns Off Her Own Hair

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 4.34.18 PM

Beware hair curling fanatics, you may end up with your hair falling out like Tori Locklear. 13-year-old YouTube hair blogger Locklear has garnered a lot of media attention (even an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show) after a YouTube video of her accidentally burning off a chunk of her hair with a curling iron went viral on the Internet.

The video has received over 19 million views after the curling wand fiasco hit the web in early February. Our advice to Tori: use heat protectant spray on your hair before using any hot styling tools! Also, don’t use leave-in-conditioner with any heated electronics or you will cause a fire. Hopefully Tori’s next video won’t sizzle quite as much as this one.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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