Natalie Gumede and Kim Marsh in Same Alexander McQueen Gown at National Television Awards

Alexander McQueen Gowns

Remember Sex and the City 2 when Samantha and Miley Cyrus wore the same The Blonds dress to Smith’s premiere? Though both women played it off well by posing together, the scenario isn’t as funny when it happens in real life.  At the 2013 National Television Awards held in London, Natalie Gumede and Coronation Street’s Kim Marsh wore the same embellished halter neck Alexander McQueen gown.

Oops! Blame their stylists or lack there of but nonetheless, it’s slightly embarrassing to wear the same thing to the same event.  The only saving grace in this red carpet snafu was the fact that both actresses wore different colors.  Natalie accessorized the jewel collard gown with a fur stole and a silver clutch.  The orange version of the dress already debuted in London in November when actress Emily Blunt wore it to the Harper’s Bazaar UK Women of the Year Awards.  If Joan Rivers were to get her hands on the pictures of these three ladies, she would definitely do a Bitch Stole My Look.

Credit: Getty

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